What we do


media & public relations

The team at Riis Strategic is awarded and recognised for the development of media and communications strategy. We build public relations strategies that deliver what a business really needs. We're not restricted to one type of media or a single form of communication. At Riis Strategic we blend everything from paid-for content, public relations, advertising and marketing tools to create the most powerful cocktail of outreach.

marketing & project management

When your business is growing, or it needs to evolve to take account of different pressures, you can often find you need an extra set of hands to help you deliver. Our team is experienced in stepping in to manage complex marketing problems, drawing up project timelines and rolling out new business requirements. We've worked on diverse problems including overhauling menuboard architecture and introducing increased pricing for franchise QSRs, all the way across to establishing new branding and identities for not-for-profits.


The media world is fragmented into a million different pieces. Today we get our necessary information from multiple sources. It's no longer good enough to simply rely upon a press release and hope for the best. We know how to find the narrative in your business or organisation, and wordsmith it into relevant sponsored content, native content and other editorial. We work together with our partner agency - Next Level Online Marketing - to make sure your content is served to the right people, at the right time.

internal communications

When you're operating a business - whether it is a network of franchises or company outlets, or a business with a myriad of different people – it is important to keep your teams informed and motivated. Internal communications is often the last thing people consider. But your people are your best marketing tool. Riis Strategic develops the right kind of internal communications tools, from magazines to closed Facebook groups, to reach your team the way you need. We create, design and keep the content fresh too.

community management

It's one thing to build an online community, but quite another to turn it to good use. Many brands are busy building 'likes', but we build customer bases. Using a tailored approach, Riis Strategic focuses on working with business that have a lot of outlets and want to drive up local customer support. We build your overall 'brand' community, but we also support your network of individual outlets to develop their voice without you losing control. So drive up local business, but control content and messaging. We manage content around the clock, operating as your social media customer service hotlines.